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ASTRA MS Software s.r.o.

We create software for planners

Application BuildingDesign with modules Wils, Wdls, SunLiS and EN 17037 can be used to compute artificial lighting, daylighting and sunlight according to current standards. Building Design combines these modules in one unit, introducing new graphical and editing capabilities which make the user's work easier. 

Electrical engineering

ElProCAD is one of the most widespread systems providing the design of electrical engineering in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Supports creation of 2D and 3D drawings, integrated calculations, updated database and automatic specifications make it the top product on the market. Application Verox is great means of valuing projected or realized deliveries and works.

HVAC engineering

Database oriented 3D design system VzProCAD is one of the best tools for HVAC, mainly because it solves all day to day needs of HVAC planner. Updated databases and built-in calculations and drawing features make your work a lot easier.

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